Using Understandable Explanations To Learn Basic Electronics

Invisible electrons explain directly and easily what you need to move visible circuitry.

In chapter 1 we will explain which circuits must be present to operate. I will explain an example of seeing all of the flow of voltage and current and the static electricity flowing current.

Discover materials that can control the flow of those amazing small electrons.

Here we describe how the capacitor consists of a metal plate or foil separated by insulating material. This is an insulating material that holds an important electric field and affects not only the maximum applicable voltage but also the total capacity.

We talk about nine general insulating materials, how well they contain the electric field, other interesting facts about the capacitor and the “dielectric constant” which is a measure of its work.

Find out what happens when the magnetic field and wire coils come together.

This is the chapter that introduces the concept of induction. Here we will learn how the magnetic field through the coil coil induces a voltage to that coil. I will talk about how the inductor works with current flow and magnetic field, and how important knowledge will be later.

Please see why it is important to shuttle these electrons back and forth.

Includes square and sine wave. And the voltage at various times in the waveform. And we talk about wave frequency and why they are all measured accurately on 1 second.

The way transformers turn something into what looks like something else.

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