Building, Repairing and Experimenting Own Basic Electronic Circuits

Now that we have the electrons moving, we need to control them and this means talking about resistance and defining anomalies. We continue with why resistance has two values. Almost we talk about the resistance of common metals and how this information is used to compare different conductors.

Here I explain how the capacitor is made of metal plates or foil that is separated by insulating material. It’s the insulating material that has an important electrical platform and affects overall flow and maximum voltage that can be applied.

We talk about nine common insulating materials and their “diesel factor”, which measures how well each contains the electrical field and other interesting facts about sealants and how they work.

Find out what happens when a magnetic field and a coil wire come together.

This is the chapter where I introduce the concept of induction. Here you will learn how a magnetic field that passes through a coil wire causes tension in the coil.

We talk about how the injection machine works with current flow and magnetic fields and how important this knowledge will be later.

Growing current power of the world today and that’s a good reason. In one word it is – transformer! In this section we are talking about different types of common currency waves. Along with the square and the sinusoidal wave. And exciting at various times in the wavelength.

As we talk about intersection and spinning, it gives us the right to transformers.

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