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Many see the term “CAT” that accompanies the ASVAB test when it starts the exam for the first time and is not sure what that means. This concept is an acronym and means “computerized adaptation test”. There are three different versions of the ASVAB exam. CAT is available in military units to hire soldiers. A pencil and paper trial version is available for secondary schools and students who cannot register.

CAT-ASVAB is an adaptation test, which means that the test adapts to the individual’s ability. Thus, a shorter test than a pencil and paper test can be performed. After the test is completed, you can go to the next exam without waiting for the manager.

What is an Adaptation Test?
The adjustment test sounds exactly as it sounds, a test that adapts to the examiner. Questions in each area with regard to difficulties and based on test responses, types of questions, and difficulties are tailored to each answer. This test allows for greater accuracy in assessing the potential customer’s ability. In most cases, the right answers to more difficult questions and incorrect answers raise the difficulty of asking questions.

What happens if I do not complete the CAT-ASVAB exam?
The vast majority of people who pass the CAT-ASVAB test therefore quit because time limits are not too aggressive. However, if the respondent is unable to finish the time, unanswered questions remain as if the respondent was randomly responding. This is obviously not an ideal way to complete the exam and usually results in even worse results.

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